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The best time of day to start your session is at sunrise or 2 hours before sunset.   

1.  What the heck should I wear?

This question stumps me everyday and it's even more challenging for me to determine what you should wear for your shoot since we all have our own unique styles. 

First and foremost just be yourself!  No need to match each other, unless of course you and your fiance or family wear matching outfits on a daily basis.  ( I'm betting that's not the case) :)  There are no major colors or patterns you need to be concerned with steering clear of.  Be bold and whimsicle or subtle and simple, it's all a matter of preference and what you feel most comfortable in.  

Layers, textures, color, and accessories all make for great pictures. - Ex: Hats, scarfs, buttons, lace, neck ties, fun shoes, jewelry, and a little extra makeup.

Pinterest is a good source of inspiration and ideas!

2.  How long is the session?  Can we change outfits?

The session is about an hour long and you can bring up to 3 outfits.  At least one casual and one more dressy outfit is recommended.  But like I said before be yourself!

 If you booked a mini session the package includes a 30 min session and 1 outfit so make it count!  

3.  Where will we take the pictures?  Can we shoot at a few locations?

Since we have done this well.... A LOT we have several locations and go-to spots that we can recommend.  We would also love to incorporate any special locations or spots around town that are meaningful to you and your fiance or family.  One good way to determine your location setting is by letting us know what kind of look, feel, or theme you are going for.

4.  When can I expect to see the pictures?

Our turnaround time for uploading the images to your online gallery is 7 to 10 days.   The files will be mailed out shortly after that.   Turnaround time for wedding day images is 4 to 5 weeks.

5.  Does your USB come with printing rights?

YESSS!  We believe that you should have printing rights to all of your beautiful photos.  We want you to print them as much as you like AND because they are all high res. images you will be able to print them as BIG as you like!

6.  What if there's a chance for rain?

Our rain policy is this... If the weather forecast doesn't look good we will determine if we should postpone the shoot anywhere from 12-24 hours out.  I won't force you to cancel but I will strongly suggest one way or the other.  If you choose to risk it and go thru with meeting at the scheduled time, you will be charged for the shoot.  I don't offer refunds at that point regardless if the rain kept us from getting the best possible pictures.   

Here are some things to consider bringing.....

Bug spray

Towel / Wet Wipes

Snacks to keep the little ones happy

Water / Refreshment

Flats or good walking shoes (then you can switch to your high heels for the pictures)