Geronimo Creek Retreat Seguin Tx | Amy + Ken Engagement Session

I had seen Geronimo Creek Retreat pop up on Amazon Local Deals a few times and I'd been wanting to check it out.  When Amy told me they booked the place for their engagement session I was so excited.  It has treehouse cabins, tepees, and a creek with canoes and kayaks.  I was in photo heaven and brain overload.  This happens often to me when I'm at a new location.  I get so excited and overwhelmed I about pee my pants.  

If you've been following my blog for a while you'll recognize this girl.  Amy is a talented singer song writer and half of The Rankin Twins.  That is how Ken and Amy met.  

From Amy:

"He was a drummer for Kevin Fowler and I had known him for years that way. Then we decided to record with him at his studio, The Compound. (He produced music on the side as well) we spent a year in the studio together working and then when it was done we decided we should maybe hang out. I told him he had to eat. He kissed me. I freaked. He set up a fake Photoshoot with April and we started dating from there."