Spicewood Vineyard Wedding | Amanda + Mitch

Q. How did you meet?

A. "We were both law students at Berkeley Law - Mitch was in his last year, and Amanda was just beginning. Unofficially, we met at our extra-curricular wine law society where Mitch was famous for his generous pours. Officially, we met at our law school prom. Amanda approached Mitch while he was talking to one of her friends and they hit it off. Mitch was going to wait until the next afternoon to add Amanda as a facebook friend, but he woke up to a friend request from Amanda the very next morning! And the rest is now the stuff of legend."

Q. How did you choose your venue?

A. "The venue choice was simple - Amanda's aunt, uncle and cousins own Spicewood Vineyards! But for other reasons, it was the ideal venue: it was close to Amanda's childhood home in Norman, Amanda's brother is in charge of growing the grapes at the vineyards, Texas Hill Country and Spicewood Vineyards fit perfectly with the "rustic chic" aesthetic we very much like, we have visited the vineyard multiple times and just love the scenery, and, of course, Mitch needed a venue to showcase his cowboy boots (people in LA sometimes only wear cowboy boots ironically). In terms of decor, we tried to keep with the "rustic chic" theme and used long farm tables with mismatched, vintage china and burlap runners."

"Ever since visiting Texas, Mitch became fascinated with having a brand - not that he would ever have cattle to brand. So, we created a brand for ourselves, which combined our initials and common last name. We used the brand for our save the dates - calling them "brand the dates" - and since then, the brand took on a life of its own. It made appearances on our invitations, cocktail napkins, our party favor wine glasses and corkscrews, and basically anything where it could fit. The highlight was when Amanda's uncle created an actual brand as a wedding gift. It was massive!"