Petroleum Club Houston Wedding | Chiara + Tim

How did you meet?

"Tim and I met at Freshman Orientation. Up until college he had gone by "Timmy", but during an ice breaker activity he felt pressure to go by Tim, also his Vietnamese name is Tin. He thus introduced himself to the group as "Timmy, Tin, Tim, Timmy, Tim". I was amused by this unique introduction and remembered him when we ended up in the same biology class a couple months later. (Don't worry, I clarified what name he ended up choosing to go by.) Weeks of study dates and fast food runs, Tim asked me out on a date that didn’t involve highlighters or Taco Cabana. Seven years later we became engaged and after more than a year of planning, here we are!"

Tell us about your wedding:

"We chose Petroleum Club because the décor and large windows meant we didn’t have to do much to make the space look celebratory or formal. We didn’t have a theme exactly but looking back at the pictures my love for floral is definitely evident. Instead of a theme we kind of worked off feelings we wanted our guests to have – welcomed, entertained, and in the presence of love.

Tim and I have lived in the four major cities of Texas – Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. Austin is by far our favorite and we originally wanted to have our wedding there. With both families in Houston, however, we chose to have it in Houston. We definitely made an effort to incorporate our favorite parts of each city and choosing Lisa as our photographer was our favorite way we incorporated Austin in our wedding."