Hotel St Cecelia Wedding | Sarah + Jose

I send my couples questionnaires to fill out for their blog posts because1. I'm not a good writer, and 2.  It's their wedding, not mine.  Sarah's response to my questionaire was by far the most entertaining.  So I'm going to include all of the questions and answers for this one.  Sarah, I'd like to test your Myers Briggs skills test out.  Hit me up!

Q:  How did you meet?

A: " On the 31st of October 2015 Jose attended a wedding with his friend Ramesh. The previous night Jose was stranded at the airport in Houston because of severe thunderstorms and barely made it to Austin. Sarah was supposed to be Ramesh's date to that same wedding but had a friend visiting from England. After the wedding Jose and Ramesh went to Cheer Up Charlie's where Sarah was celebrating Halloween dressed as a Harajuku girl. Sarah paid absolutely no attention to Jose.  Jose didn't have a costume on.  Four long and lonely months later, they both spent a week together during SWSW, doing what people do during SWSW and talking about their separate lives in Mexico, Germany, Holland and the US. Sarah and Jose parted ways again. Sarah went to a psychic that reveled to her that one day she will marry Jose. By the end of July they started dating and after thanksgiving they moved in together with their dog Kevin in a small but colorful house on the east side of Austin."

Q: Tell us about your wedding details:

A: "We planned the wedding on a drive from Austin to San Antonio, two weeks after our trip to New Orleans where we got engage. Originally we wanted to elope but decided to have a very intimate ceremony with close friends and family instead, so we took lightning bolt decisions in a rapid fire brainstorming session that included: having a surprise wedding, a backyard wedding and a wedding in a greenhouse filled with succulents. The verdict was a beautiful hotel with a terrace decorated with simple but elegant flowers and a dinner afterwards at a restaurant where a dear friend is the head chef.

Q: What was your favorite part about the wedding.

A: 1. The thrill and satisfaction of successfully planning a wedding in six weeks with the help of talented friends and the support of fun and loving       family members
     2. The meal at Olive and June was pretty amazing
     3. The swim at Hotel Saint Cecilia's pool the day after was super refreshing
     4. Sarah's dad's speech was sweet like dates, funny like a funky chicken and thoughtful like your first birthday gift

Q: Tell us something funny about the two of you.

A: "Sarah can type the Myers Briggs of any known object and abstract concept in the known universe. For a hot minute Jose had this hobby:

Q:  Anything else you'd like to share?

A: "Google search: pepsi bottle a coca cola glass