BATH {Remodel}

I'm sure our story is like most.  We bought a fixer upper thinking... It's just wallpaper, paint, and a few other small things... We can do it!  Alas, we are super slow when it comes to completing these tasks.  I'm sure part of it has to do with me being overly picky.  There I said it.. I'm PICKY!!  Especially when it comes to design.  I see things go in and out of style way to fast these days.  I like to keep things simple and clean for that very reason.  We (mostly my husband) did all the demo.  The custom vanity takes the cake for me.  It was the craftsmanship of Elijah Godfrey at Second Chance Custom.  Our bathroom remodel took so long I'm embarrassed to say... so I won't.  In the end the wait was worth it.