Liz + Nick

  //Words by Liz + Nick


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Nick and I met at {my parent's} ranch on June 12, 2009. My mom, Sherri Moffa, was throwing an engagement party for my cousin Ryan and her fiancee Griff. Ryan and Griff brought along a few of their closest friends for the weekend, Nick being one of them. After spending the weekend getting to know each other, Nick asked me for my email address, and the rest is history!

We chose the venue because that is where Nick and I met and got engaged. There was a lot of sentimental value attached to the ranch, and having it any where else just wouldn't have felt right! 

...everything just kept falling into place. At a time like this in life, it's really amazing to see how much people who love you will do for you. I'm very grateful to all my friends and family for their extensive amount of help and their efforts put forth to make it all possible. The wedding was beyond my expectations, and I could not be any more happy with the way everything turned out.

One afternoon, Nick and I kidnapped his cousin, Wyatt and asked him to please help us to decide what Nick should wear to the wedding! On our way to a potential clothing store, I showed Wyatt a photo of me in my dress. He proceeded to tell Nick, he thinks he should wear something dressy, like a three piece suit. Nick responds, " Well, I have a three piece suit...and it was my Dad's.....and it's blue." Perfect! So we turn the car around and head back home. We took the suit to Jan at The Clothing Hospital, and she worked her magic...!

After getting engaged, my mom asked me if I would want to wear her dress for my wedding. I said yes of course! We took the dress to The Clothing Hospital in Austin, Texas for a little altering. We decided to take the sleeves off the dress to bring it up to date, and make it more suitable for an outdoor May wedding in the Texas heat. 

...we decided the wedding colors should be ivory and brown, and at Nick's request, "a manly color" - so blue you have it.

With a vintage dress, a LOVE for old things, and plenty of inspiration found on Pinterest, my cousins and I set out to do some antique shopping. Here we found several suitable centerpiece items. A couple visits to Hobby Lobby and Michaels, and many hours later, attempting to group the random items, the centerpieces (no two alike) were finally complete! 

My family and friends joined me one week in March for craft time! Here we pulled together our DIY Pinterest inspired details and made them reality. Everything from program fans, to antique dictionary paper bird seed send-off cones, to fabric wrapped hoola-hoops came to life.  

My favorite part of the wedding planning process was working with my mom of course! I have so much appreciation for her help and all her hard work. I am very lucky she is so good at throwing a party!

Nick and I are 11 years apart! ...So were his parents, AND his great-grandparents!  Nick and I did not have a traditional wedding party. Instead, we asked our siblings to stand next to us. I asked my brother, David, to be my best man, and Nick asked his sister, Loann, to be his matron of honor.

My favorite party of the day? What a tough question. Besides marrying the love of my life, my favorite part of the day was listening to the Best Man and Matron of Honor (our siblings) give their speeches. Both were moving and humorous, and sent tears rolling down my cheeks. We are so lucky to have family who care so much. 

Other highlights include:

Dancing with my dad to Kevin Fowler's "Daddies and Daughters".

Watching two of my girlfriends, Sepi and Maureen, DIVE ON THE GROUND for my bouquet. 

Having such an amazing officiant, my cousin, give such a touching, beautiful and memorable ceremony. It was perfect. 

Getting ready with all my ladies, and having them all BALLING as I put my dress on. 

And seeing all the people who I love, all in one place.


Coordinator: In Her Shoes - Lindsay Blackwell | Caterer: Austin Catering - Tiffany | Florist: Brenda Abbott Floral Design - Brenda made the bouquets, boutonnieres and a few floral arrangements. The centerpieces and most other arrangements were put together by Liz's lovely lady crew, comprised of talented friends and family. | DJ: Texas Pro DJs - DJ Miles | Bride's Cake: Liz's longest friend, Miss Maureen Hobby | Groom's Cake: Amazing Cakes of Austin - Yvette | Videographer: Liz's cousin, Miss Ellen Bruxvoort | Photo Booth: Lasting Images - William  | Rentals: Premiere Party Central | Officiant: Liz's cousin, Mr. Larry Monzingo - who became ordained in order to marry Nick and Liz | Hair: Pearl Hair & Make-up Studio - Sam Denby | Make-up: Pearl Hair & Make-up Studio - Maris | Portable Potty Trailer: First Class Rentals | Popcorn Machine: Whim Event Rentals | Dress and Suit Alterations: The Clothing Hospital - Jan

Erin + James {Elope}

Erin + James are from Chicago and decided to Elope to Austin to get married.  When I first got out of my car to meet them at the park I was in love with them right from the start.  Erin's dress and James' 3 piece suite couldn't have been more perfect.  It shows their personalities so well.  This was their first time to Austin and I got a good laugh over their questions about fire ants after seeing a huge ant mound.