The Joneses {Austin Family Photographer}


What a complete joy it is not just to be a photographer but to use that to capture these precious faces that are my nieces and nephews. I'm sure I'm biased but I think anyone would agree, they're pretty stinking cute!

The Payne Family

Emily and I go way back to my freshman year in the Nelson dorm rooms at ACU. She was my RA but oddly enough I never would have had the pleasure of knowing her if it weren't for her brother and I being friends. Through the amazing wonders of Facebook we have been reconnected. This shoot started out great. When they pulled up I could hear Anna Kate crying from the parking lot. It took a little coaxing from grandma, 1 bag of goldfish and daddy making a fool of himself to finally get to her happy place. Zeke on the other hand is a little ham and basically did whatever I told him to do. Thank you for a fun session and I look forward to our trip to Sea World together!Ok enough talk, now on to some pics...