Nicola + Todd {Married}

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Words by // Nichola + Todd We met through mutual friends at a job that we worked at together. It was love at first sight!

We had 2 requirements for where we got married. 1. It had to be Downtown. Todd and I had a shoebox sized apartment downtown and we have so many great memories of living in the city and being together that we knew that's where it had to be. 2. Outside ceremony. We love the outdoors and how naturally beautiful it is. I didn't want anything 'over the top' in terms of decorations for the wedding, so an outdoor ceremony fit the bill perfectly since we wouldn't need to dress it up any more that it already was.

So Todd and I aren't exactly the most traditional couple, but we did stick with the tradition of "don't see each other the night before and the day of the wedding". When we were in the bridal room getting ready at the wedding and we heard all the guys arrive, I remember being so excited that he was there and that we were moments away from being man and wife. The rooms that we were all getting ready in were really close in proximity to each other, so if had to run to the outside hall for photos or some one was trying to get to the wash room - it was like a game of frogger navigating the hall ways so that I stayed hidden and didn't run into Todd! It was all just really exciting and perfect and romantic. I don't think we will ever forget all the electricity in the air that day!

My favorite detail of the wedding was the succulents in the gold tins. I just love succulents! They are so cute and happy, so I was excited to be able to incorporate them in a way that allowed everyone to take home a piece of the wedding to help remember our special day.

We had an ARMY of flower girls! My older sister has 3 little girls, 7 year old twins and a 5 year old. Todd's brother also has a little girl who is 4. Since there is no possible way that you only pick 1 of them to be the flower girl, I asked all four of them to do it!

If I was asked how wedding planning was going about 7 months before the wedding, I replied with 'Great! It's so much fun and really easy - I don't see what all the fuss is about!'. This was about the time when my idea of wedding planning was pimping out a pinterest board and knowing exactly what I wanted. I think that was my favorite time. It was all about me and Todd's imagination and envisioning exactly what it would be like the day that we got married. It really is one of the few times in life that you can make something to this scale reflect you as a couple combining your interests and tastes with a giant party to wrap it all up!

Dress: Jessica Fontaine | Hair: Indulge Vanity | Wedding Planner: Inspired Events & Design | Florist: Simply Love Floral | DJ: Space Craft Entertainment | Officiate: Andrew Fox | Venue: Chateau Bellevue