Backyard Wedding in Austin Tx | Molly + Jaime

How they met:

"Just like any good romance...we are High School Sweethearts! Well...that's a little mis-leading...buuuuut we do both teach High School and we are Sweethearts, so that counts right?! right?!

Anyway, I think it's safe to say that we actually have no idea when we officially met, but the first time Jaime remembers seeing me was when my picture was blasted on the projector screen in the theater of our school (we work in Bogota, Colombia) on our first professional development day in 2010. Basically the school likes to introduce all the new teachers to the entire faculty and they have a slideshow of all the new teachers and well, there I was! My first vivid memory of Jaime was that December when the entire High School had to go to the Music Show in the theater. Like any good math teacher (!), I was annoyed that I was missing class time, but that was before the curtain opened and my mouth literally dropped for the next 45 minutes as I watched the High School students (and Jaime!) rock out!! It was honestly one of the best interruptions to class-time that I've ever had!! :) After that, I sent a coy little email to Jaime congratulating him on a good show and theoretically opening the door for him to come in and swoop me off my feet....but, all I got back was "Thanks!" hahahaha. Fast forward about one year and ding!...there was the message I was hoping for before! "Can I call you?" "Sure." And after about 2 weeks of failed attempts at meeting up (and just as Jaime was losing hope), I invited him to come dancing with some friends that were visiting and we are!! "

The venue:

"Almost immediately, we chose to have our wedding at Molly's parents' house in their backyard in Austin, was the perfect setting for what we wanted. When we began planning, we knew we wanted something laid-back, personal and a little bit bohemian...what we got was beyond amazing. We really tried to put a little bit of ourselves in every little detail all while including details from Colombia and Austin. We also knew that we wanted music to be a central focus of our wedding as well as making it a pure celebration of love. Our wedding was magical and beyond our wildest expectations! "

Something fun:

"Rehearsing our song "Stand By Me" literally seconds before we performed it in front of everyone (our last rehearsal was months before....). Apparently we did good?! "

Yes Molly!  You guys did awesome singing like two love birds in front of your closest friends and family had me in tears.


Venue:  Parents Backyard  |  Coordinator:  Yellow Umbrella  |  Hair + Makeup:  Erica Gray Beauty  |  Flowers and Decor:  Gypsy Floral  |  Cupcakes:  Sugar Mama's  |  Rentals:  Premier Events, Loot Vintage Rentals  | Lighting:  Intelligent Lighting Design  |  Videographer:  Nostalgia Films  |  DJ:  Texas Pro DJ  |  Catering:  DNA Events, La Condesa Food Truck |  Transportation:  Bill Talley Transportation Consultants