Portland Oregon Wedding / Mallory + Zachary

Mallory is the sweetest.  I met her a while back just after her coffee shop, Vintage Heart Coffee, opened on east 7th street in downtown Austin.  She's a girl with spunk who can make a latte worthy of photographing.  When she told me she was eloping to Portland Oregon at the remote Wahclella Falls, I confess to jumping up out of my swivel office chair only to come back down on the armrest and bruised my backside.  Mallory told me there were two non-negotiables when it came to their wedding... Zach had to be there and I had to be their photographer.  :)  Big smile. From the couple.....

How did you meet?

The year was 2005 and summer camp was on the horizon. As Zach and Mallory made the pilgrimage to Glen Rose, Texas they had no idea what fate had in store. After a few awkward moments and an inevitable joke about Mallory being a student at A&M, Zach had made his first move. The next three years provided enough awkward tension to make a Nicholas Sparks novel and each of our significant others irritated. Young unrequited love is hard ya know? After college and a few stolen kisses we each went our separate ways - Mallory to Los Angeles and Zach to Boston.

Fast forward a few years (four!) and we both managed to make our way back to Texas. Zach, knowing that I am the owner of a sweet little coffee shop, decides to pop in during one of my shifts. After I picked myself up off the floor from shock, we picked up right where we left off. The next year consisted of brunches, picnics and adventures galore. Also a diamond ring. Summer love, y'all. Summer love.

Tell us about your wedding details.

We really wanted their wedding to set the tone for our marriage: full of adventure. We picked the most beautiful, green place we could find. Portland, of course. Armed with our Hunter boots and umbrellas, we traipsed along the 1.8 mile trail to a tucked away waterfall. It rained essentially the entire time and we couldn't have been happier. A small group of friends and family made the trek into the wilderness to witness our wedding and a close friend officiated. It was the shit. (i'm sure you will edit that out, but really. it was). I am fairly certain we had the most fun at our wedding, ever. Splashing through streams in a wedding dress and suit is the best.

When I text Mallory a few days before the wedding and said it looks like 90% chance of rain for their wedding day she responded with.... "we were secretly hoping for rain"   How did I get so lucky!  She's the best bride, friend, human.

Mallory would like to thank.....

Hunter Boots, who kept our feet nice and toasty as we traipsed through streams. My flower crown was provided by Anna Mara Flowers and it was impeccable.

Ceremony Location:  Wahclella Falls

Reception Location:  Nel Centro

Car Rental:  Budget - who upgraded them to a Camero :)

Accomodation:  Hotel Modera