Austin Backyard Wedding | Rachel + Michael

Q:  How did you two meet?

A:  "Rachel and Michael met while Rachel was working in publishing. Her boss, Dan (who would end up being their officiant), would take Rachel to weekly "work" lunches at Winflo Osteria in which multiple bottles of wine would often be consumed. Michael happens to be one of the owners of Winflo and he couldn't help but be curious about the little blonde girl and her boss. One day Michael joined the two for a glass of wine, which led to a year long friendship between Michael and Rachel followed by the relationship of their lifetimes."

Q:  Tell us about your wedding details.

A:  "After we announced our engagement our great friend Al Koehler offered us his beautiful estate for the venue. It was the most generous gift we have ever received and one that we will never forget. The estate itself looks like it came straight out of a magazine (and has been featured in a couple) so the decor was very minimal. Our florist did a fantastic job of accenting the already gorgeous lawn and the string lighting done by Werd was icing on the cake. We decided on deep blues, gold, purples and reds to stray from the typical spring wedding pastels. We planned our wedding as a "big party" and it definitely turned out to be one. We could not have been happier and it makes us smile when our friends bring up the shenanigans that went on the night we were wed!"

Q:  What was your favorite part of the day?

A:  "Our favorite part was our exit. At 10pm we hopped into Michael's '73 Ford Bronco, driven by Chef Eric and accompanied by Lisa. That wasn't the end of our night, however. Eric drove us to Kung Fu Saloon where we ran in to cheers over a pickle shot, we got in the bronco and drove back to our wedding venue where the late-night party was just getting started."



Venue:  Al Koehler Home  |  Caterer:  Chef Eric Brown Catering  |  Flowers:  STEM   |  DJ:  DJ Jeff Strange  |  Band:  Alpha Rev  |  Dress:  Unbridaled  |  Cake:  Polka Dot Cupcake Factory  |  Exit Shots:  Kung Fu Saloon