Bohemian Tablescape | Featured on 100 Layer Cake!

I'm thrilled to share this gorgeous styled shoot I did with a talented group of Austin Wedding vendors.  This shoot was recently featured on 100 Layer Cake!!  I decided to have Kate Goddard of Wild Sky Events be a guest blogger since she was the designer and planner for this lovely shoot.  

Also, be sure to check out the cocktail recipe at the bottom of the post, compliments of Royal Fig Catering!

From Kate, Design Process: 

"I was on vacation in Taos, New Mexico last year and was so inspired by the beautiful landscapes, textures and tones which set the texture palette for this styled shoot.  I wanted to create a look that incorporated sienna tones, copper and brass but also mixed in woven textures, ceramics and prints. It was important to me that the overall look focused on handwoven, hand-thrown and handmade elements as a way of giving warmth to the design. 

La Tavola Linens has a beautiful 2015 collection and I have been waiting for the chance to use their new oyster fern runners for some time. Since the linen pattern was so prominent I wanted to go with a big pop of color for the napkins and those paired perfectly with Loot Vintage Rentals new Leslie Freeman ceramic plates

I am always a fan of mixing metals so I couldn't resist using the copper moscow mule cups as the main glass accent and I love how all the copper and sienna tones play throughout the whole table. I tried to incorporate the metal accents throughout with the accent detailing on the stoneware candles to the brass candlesticks. 

Gretchen with Petals Ink did such an amazing job with the centerpiece and incorporating such unique floral elements.

Royal Fig knocked it out the park with our cocktails and it was so much fun working with Loot's vintage items to figure out exactly the best way to style these gorgeous drinks!"

Royal Fig’s Gentleman’s New Fashion

 2oz bourbon

2 dashes Bitters

1 tsp raw sugar

muddle sage

blackberry, orange & cherry. 

Top with 1.5oz soda water. 

Garnish with same. Enjoy!

Austin Courthouse Wedding | Stella + Aaron

Q:  How did you meet?

A: "In May of 2012, we met on Thank you,! Aaron emailed me and asked what my favorite part of teaching 3rd grade was, but before I could answer, he proceeded to tell me that his favorite parts of 3rd grade were recess and "pizza Fridays." I thought this was a pretty sweet intro, so I decided to give this cutie a chance. I'm sure glad I did! A few weeks later, we met for Amy's Ice-Cream and walked down to watch the bats at Congress Avenue Bridge. We've been together ever since!"

Q:  Tell us about your wedding details.

A: "We were originally planning to have a much larger/traditional wedding in the spring of this year, but the more we got into planning the day, the more we realized that we just weren't "big wedding" people. We had both our parents at our home for Thanksgiving and soon after, we began talking about what was truly important to us, in regards to our wedding day. Our answers.....

1. To marry one another
2. To have our parents and siblings by our sides

Q:  What was your favorite part about the wedding?

A: "Our absolute favorite thing about our wedding was that it was small, simple, and sweet. We were able to say our wedding vows in front of those who know us best, surrounded by their love and support, on a perfect, sunny, 70 degree day in January! (Thank you, crazy Texas weather!) There was something about the simplicity and the old-school feel of a courthouse wedding that felt so right to us. After the ceremony, we were able to hop around the city with our photographer and then meet our family for dinner and drinks downtown. It was truly such an easy and joyful day!"

Q: Tell us something funny about the two of you.

A:  "We didn’t know exactly what to expect in regards to a courthouse wedding, as neither one of us had attended one, or ever even been inside the courthouse! As we arrived with our families in tow, we giggled as we walked through the metal detectors, put all of our wedding gear through x-ray scanners, and watched as one another got “'wanded” by uniformed police officers. As crazy as this all sounds for a wedding day, it felt like such a fun adventure - just a completely unorthodox, yet oddly charming way to start our day! We also may have seen a bit of a courtroom trial before beginning our ceremony. (insert: “OMG, is this really happening right now?!”) I remember looking back wide-eyed at our photographer Lisa, as she whispered, "It will be a funny story." And it is - we laugh every time we think of this crazy memory from our special day!"

xx   VENDORS   xx